Transition Team

The transition team is a volunteer group made up of the initial organizers and other staff who want to help with the workload. They are not empowered to represent staff on matters of labour relations. They can act as a conduit to our representatives at PSAC until an executive is elected and formal processes are in place. The primary role of this team is to complete the organizing process by arranging for a general assembly where members can elect colleagues who will go on to represent them in labour relations matters. They also collect and make available information so that members can inform themselves and make choices in the elections that support their views and wishes.

Paul Viveiros: Coordinator
Mano Buckshi
Sean Burns
Abel Cheung
Roula El-Rifai
Nicole Généreux
Markus Gottsbacher
Qamar Mahmood
Navsharan Singh
Carole Garneau
Wilfredo Jiron
Robert David
Andres Sanchez