Collective bargaining is how the union (the bargaining agent) and management come up with the terms and conditions of employment for the workers involved (the bargaining unit).  In our case, federal labour legislation sets out rules for how these negotiations take place and how disputes are handled.

Canada Labour Code

Each bargaining agent also has rules about how they negotiate on behalf of their members:

  • how the member input is gathered,
  • how decisions are made about bargaining proposals,
  • who does the bargaining.

PSAC’s rules are set out in Regulation 15 of our Constitution.

Negotiating Team

PSAC Professional Negotiator:
Morgan Gay

Bargaining Team/Équipe de négotiation:
Mano Buckshi / Adrian Di Giovanni / Sara D’Arcy / Sean Burns

Alternate bargaining team members/Membres remplaçant de l’équipe de négociation :
Deyanira Carvajal / Paul Viveiros / Jayne Bergeron

Current Proposals

When reading these proposals it is best to keep in mind that these are a starting point; what we see as ideal. They are based on feedback received during the survey and what is best practice elsewhere. They will be further developed through discussion with management. In some instances where a policy or guideline already exists we reserve on a proposal so that we can see, through discussion, if the intent matches the policy. At anytime you may contact a member of the bargaining team for a current update.

IDRC model agreement – 2016 August 24 Final

Bargaining Updates

BargainingUpdate_IDRC First Bargaining Session August 2016

BargainingUpdate_IDRC Survey Update July 4-2

BargainingUpdate_IDRC September 27 Update

BargainingUpdate_IDRC October 7

BargainingUpdate_IDRC November 21

BargainingUpdate_IDRC January-22-2017