Candidate Profile: Health and Safety Officer

  • Act as the local representative on health and safety issues and advocate for the interests of members and submit questions pertaining to those issues to the employer and to the union;
  • Keep current on health and safety matters and develop knowledge and expertise on such issues as legislation, and employers’ health and safety plans;
  • Act as the local’s liaison with the employer’s health and safety coordinator and participate as one of the union’s representatives on the joint union management health and safety committee;
  • Provide health and safety-related input into the local executive’s decision making processes;
  • Develop, promote, and advocate for initiatives that encourage members’ participation on health and safety matters, including the promotion of the National Day of Mourning;
  • Organize education sessions and sensitization training for local members in conjunction with other local representatives and encourage membership participation in other related events (regional, national, etc.); and
  • Notify regional leadership immediately in the event of an incident related to health and safety in the workplace.