Summary of the progress on bargaining (as of Sept. 12, 2022)

Here is a quick summary of the progress we have made so far, what issues are still on the table and where to find more detailed information. All information on bargaining is filed on our website. This includes:

Please note that when we do come to an agreement on a particular position, the text will be available when the final contract is ready for ratification.

At the moment, by tabling all our positions we have come as far as we can. The process is now depending on management’s collaboration for a successful and timely contract renewal.

As a reminder, the standard process is to first discuss non-financial matters first. Wages are the last item to be tabled. However, we did so on 22 June 2022.

Positions that we have come to an agreement on since we started talks:

  • Secondment: we have agreed to major improvements as a way to increase member’s opportunity for professional learning and growth
  • Family responsibility leave: Addressing a challenge many members faced during the pandemic, family is now defined as a person who stands in place of a relative where or not there is a legal or biological relationship.
  • Employment Equity plan: As a result of our talks IDRC has agreed to comply with federal law.

Major items that are still under discussion:

  • Staffing: The Centre is still seeking to reverse rights agreed to under the previous contract. The Centre wants more flexibility in staffing which reduces job security and leads to more precarious employment.  This creates a two-tier class system at IDRC – permanent and term employees.
  • Non-compliance with telework rights as agreed to under contract: When we are in bargaining, we can settle grievances as part of agreement under the contract, so this is one way to quickly resolve our outstanding concerns.
  • Wages: We have presented our offer and are keen that progress is made on this without undue delay

Members of the Local 76000 Bargaining Team: Sean Burns, Madiha Ahmed and Mano Buckshi.