Learning Program Committee

Duration: 2016-17
Chair: Emily Kozinski

Aim of the Committee

The Learning Program Committee organizes, coordinates and schedules training and learning activities for the Local’s membership on a variety of topics related to being part of and a member of a union. Diverse tools and methods will be used to deliver training and educational materials to the membership. The Committee is mandated to provide bilingual and accessible learning programs so that all members in Ottawa and the regional offices have the opportunity to participate in educational activities.

Specific Tasks

The Committee will help define, schedule, organize, promote and coordinate registration for the learning programs offered both by PSAC and the Local which may include:

  • Classroom based training
  • Web-based training
  • Tailored lunch-and-learn sessions
  • Discussion and knowledge sharing sessions between members
  • Mentorship program – with current Local Executive or the executive with other Locals
  • Creation of information packages, quick guides and FAQs for existing and new members
  • Evaluation of sessions and overall program for improving relevance and delivery

Topics and content of the learning programs will be defined in consultation with PSAC and the membership.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Up to 12 members, ideally with representatives from each of the 4 Regional Offices

Experience: Coordinating and organizing events, developing programming, conducting and analysing needs assessments; evaluation methods and bilingualism are assets but not a requirement.

Time Commitment: The Committee will meet as required, but no less than once each month. Members of the Committee should expect to spend 1-2 hours each week on activities.

Equity & Representation

The Committee will aim to achieve equity in representation with respect to experience and gender, and from the different branches of the Centre.  All members of this Committee must be members in good standing of the Local 76000.
If interested to join: Please send a short e-mail to contact@local76000.ca and indicate in the message heading the name of the committee you wish to join.