Communications Committee

Duration: 2016-17
Chair: Emily Kozinski

Aim of the Committee

The Communication Committee is charged with developing and delivering a strategy for bi-directional communication between the Local and its various stakeholders that increases awareness and understanding for the Local. The objective of the Committee is to keep the Local’s stakeholders informed and engaged with the activities of the Local and the Bargaining Team. The methods of communication are varied and include electronic, print and alternative channels. The Committee is dedicated to providing bilingual and accessible forms of communication so that all members can be kept up-to-date with the Local’s activities and have mechanisms to provide feedback.

Specific Tasks

The Committee will help define, prepare and disseminate materials for bi-directional communications between:

  • Local and its members
  • Local and IDRC management
  • Local and Bargaining Team
  • Local and PSAC
  • Local’s Executive and the Local’s committees

Channels of communication will be defined after consultation with the membership on preferred methods. These may include:

  • Web based: Local 76000 website; email newsletters; IDRC intranet site; social media (Twitter, Facebook, Flick, YouTube)
  • Paper/physical based: Rafiki lounge billboard; each floor’s coffee room; staff pigeon-hole message boxes
  • Other: Feedback forms; face-to-face gatherings; open meetings of the Local’s Executive

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the communication strategy and methods of communication will be performed periodically for improving relevance and delivery.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Up to 10 members, ideally with representatives from each of the 4 Regional Offices
  • 2 members for English-French translation

Experience: Writing and editing varied communication materials; WordPress; social media content creation; outreach and engagement of targeted audiences; conducting and analysing needs assessments; evaluation methods and bilingualism are assets but not a requirement

Time Commitment: The Committee will meet bi-weekly and as required. Members of the Committee should expect to spend 2-3 hours each week on activities.

Equity & Representation

The Committee will aim to achieve equity in representation with respect to experience and gender, and from the different branches of the Centre. All members of this Committee must be members in good standing of the Local 76000.


Due to the potentially sensitive nature of some communications, particularly those related to negotiations, all Committee members must maintain confidentiality on all matters until it is agreed by the Local’s Executive to divulge specific information. Communications materials and documents prepared under the Committee shall only be released with the full approval of the Local’s Executive; the Local’s President is the official spokesperson for the Local.

If interested to join: Please send a short e-mail to and indicate in the message heading the name of the committee you wish to join.