Collective Bargaining Committee

Duration: April 2016 to approval of first Collective Agreement

Chair/Co-Chair: TBD

Aim of the Committee

The Committee is responsible for gathering input from the entire membership of the Local the results of which will feed directly into the negotiations of the first collective agreement for IDRC. It will lead the organization and coordination of the consultation process with members across the Centre including those from each of the regional offices in order to ensure that perspectives, interest and priorities are considered. This input will guide the Bargaining Team, comprised of the lead negotiator from PSAC and the elected members of the negotiating team, in preparation of a draft of the collective agreement that will be presented to IDRC management for negotiation.

Specific Tasks

  • Develop a consultation strategy that includes methods and tools for a survey and face-to-face group meetings;
  • Implement the strategy with the membership, guided by emerging negotiation priorities;
  • Analyze the information collected and prepare summaries for the Bargaining Team;
  • Support the Local’s Executive and the Bargaining Team in keeping the membership informed on the progress of negotiations of the collective agreement.

Volunteers Needed

  • 8 Ottawa members (including a chair and co-chair)
  • 4 members from Regional Offices (1 per region)

Experience: Knowledge of data collection methods, facilitation of group discussions, and-or data analysis are assets, but not a requirement.

Time Commitment: The Committee will meet as required but no less than once each month in order to fulfill its responsibilities. Members of the Committee should expect to spend 2-3 hours each week on activities.

Equity & Representation

The Committee will aim to achieve equity in representation with respect to experience, gender, and from the different branches of the Centre.  All members of this Committee must be members in good standing of the Local 76000.


Due to the sensitive nature of negotiations, all Committee members must maintain confidentiality on all matters until it is agreed by the Local’s Executive to divulge specific information. News releases, other communications materials, and documents prepared that are directly related to negotiations shall only be released with the full approval of the Local’s Executive; the Local’s President is the official spokesperson for the Local.

If interested to join: Please send a short e-mail to and indicate in the message heading the name of the committee you wish to join.