By-laws Committee

Duration: April -June 2016
Chair/Co-Chair: TBD; Lead from Executive Committee: Nicole Généreux

Aim of the Committee

The Committee will be responsible for drafting the initial set of by-laws and oversee their review prior to submission to the general membership for approval. The by-laws will be adopted by the membership in a General Assembly vote, the Committee will be in charge of organizing and promoting. The main articles of the by-laws are mostly standardized, as they have to comply with PSAC by-laws, but adaptation to the needs of the Local is required.

Specific Tasks

  • Draft a first set of by-laws for the Local 76000 by using templates provided by PSAC and from other Locals
  • Consult with PSAC about the proposed by-laws throughout the drafting process
  • Consult with a set of volunteers representing all divisions of IDRC on a first draft
  • Present the draft by-laws to the Local Executive for review
  • Circulate the by-laws approved by the Local’s Executive to the membership for review prior to the General Assembly
  • Organize a General Assembly for the adoption of the Local 76000’s by-laws

Volunteers Needed

  • Up to 4 members for the initial drafting of the by-laws
  • Up to 10 reviewers, ideally with members from each of the regional offices

Experience: Writing and editing; planning and organizing events are assets but not requirements.

Time Commitment: The Committee will meet as required. Members of the Committee should expect to spend 3-4 hours each week on activities.


  • The by-laws should be ready for circulation to the membership by the end of May 2016
  • The General Assembly for adoption should be held by the end of June 2016

Equity & Representation

The Committee will aim to achieve equity in representation with respect to experience and gender, and from the different branches of the Centre. All members of this Committee must be members in good standing of the Local 76000.

If interested to join: Please send a short e-mail to and indicate in the message heading the name of the committee you wish to join.