Announcement of the 2021/22 Annual General Meeting with Election of Executive Positions

Date: 7 June 2022 Time: 8:30am Location: Internet (link to be provided in June)

All IDRC staff who are eligible members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (P.S.A.C.), are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Union Local 76000. 

Proposed Agenda
1.    Approval of the minutes of the General Assembly of 26 November 2020
2.    Presentation of the 2020-2021 Annual and Financial reports for membership approval
3.    Voting on motions from members
4.    Election of open positions in the executive (see below) 

Positions open for election:
Positions on the Local’s executive and bargaining team will be open for election to the membership. We encourage all members to consider running for one of the positions listed below. We need and welcome diverse perspectives, diverse skills, and more helping hands in moving forward. 

     Stewards in the regional offices: 

  • Shop Steward, LACRO 
  • Shop Steward, ARO 
  • Shop Steward, WARO 
  • Shop Steward, ESARO 

Voting Procedures
Only members in good standing will be eligible to vote in the election of the executive positions up for renewal. You are a member in good standing if you have completed a white membership card. If you have not done this yet, please contact a member of the Local’s executive and they will send you a virtual card to be completed and signed prior to the Assembly. 

An online voting mechanism will be made available for the eligible members. More information will be provided for electronic voting in the coming weeks. 

Note: AGM supporting documents will be made available 10 working days prior to the event.
RSVP for the Annual General Assembly
Please respond to the Outlook invitation by May 31 st, 2022 to confirm your attendance. We need your show of support by attending the AGM and casting your votes! 

– Sean Burns, on behalf of the Executive Committee, Local 76000 P.S.A.C.